Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Advertising Woes

When it comes to advertising social media is one of the top places to get your name out and product seen. But. . . if takes time to build up an audience that is truly interested in what you do. That and there are so many other people that might be doing what your doing that you need to step up your game. The problem with Facebook in particular is that the "fan" of your page has the option to"follow" your posts and receive them in their news feeds. What most people do is like your page and then turn off this option. Now the posts that you think 5000 people are seeing are only being seen by 100. Dirty little trick Facebook!!! This is murdering advertising. Now you have to work twice as hard to get your name out there because more than half of who had already liked you is no longer seeing or promoting you. Social media can be a great tool for advertising but it can also get your hopes down when you see the stats.

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