Friday, February 19, 2016


As a graphic designer I never thought that I would be called names. But there are certain people that feel they need to express their feelings whether you want them to or not. Whenever you post something online you are opening yourself up to criticism. There will always be someone out there that doesn't like your work and will let you know about it. This picture is something that I was experimenting with using my 7 month old, at the time, and some different effects. As you see, the design turned out a little. . . dark. I posted this to my Facebook page and was instantly ridiculed by a lady stating that I was insensitive. Insensitive? I asked her why she thought that. I was a new designer at the time so I was curious! She said it was because I used a child's face in something so dark and disturbing. At first I was apologetic saying that I didn't mean to offend anyone. Then a good friend called after he had seen what she put and told me not to worry about it. If she didn't like it she could keep scrolling. From that day on I have lived by the "if you don't like it keep scrolling" rule. This had saved me a lot of grief when it comes to ridiculing. If you don't get ANYTHING else from this blog get this. . . don't let other people dictate whether or not your work is good. If you like it and are satisfied with it then publish it for the world to see!!

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